#ReadDiverse2017 + Coining a New Term?!


Hey everyone! I was planning on not posting a hundred times this week so as not to overwhelm my blog, but who am I kidding. I’m kind of addicted to blogging already. And I need to tell you all that I’ve just found out about this amazing reading challenge for 2017. It’s called #ReadDiverse2017. You can find all of the information on this website. However, I’m gonna try to give a little intro here so y’all can know why I’m so passionate about it.

Okay, so I am a huge advocate for reading diverse novels. This means books written by or about people of color, indigenous peoples, GLBTQIA+ people, and those with mental or physical disabilities. I have always been obsessive about reading novels and nonfiction about places and people I am not familiar with. However, all readers aren’t as adventurous as I am. Many readers get stuck in the Straight, White, Able-Bodied Slump. Maybe we can call it the “SWABS.” Haha.

Anyway, the goal of this little challenge is basically to read and review as many diverse books as we can throughout the year. To get ourselves out of the SWABS, so to speak. If you go to that handy link up there, you can find a place to link your diverse reviews. You get a nice nifty cute little badge for your blog for every 5 diverse books you read. If you read 30 diverse books over the course of 2017 then you get to be an official Diversity Advocate. Some very ambitious diversity bloggers can win even bigger prizes.

For more info, rules, etc. CLICK HERE.

The point of this post is to introduce you all to this amazing challenge and announce that I am going to participate with fervor because I am competitive, I love diversity in literature, and I want that “Diversity Advocate” badge. Also, I want all of you, bloggers or not, to try to read more diversely this year and pick up a book you might not usual pick up. Try not to get stuck in the SWABS. Will this catch on? Who knows? I kind of like it.

My first review for the challenge will be up tomorrow, for Every Heart a Doorway which features transgender and asexual characters.

Are you taking part in #ReadDiverse2017? What are some diverse books your looking forward to reading this year? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!





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