Name: Elaine Albaugh

Age: 20

School: Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN

Title: When coming up with a title for my blog, it was difficult trying to find something original that could be a personal brand. Ever since I was a kid, my favorite number has been 82. When I review a book on this blog, I will include a quote/excerpt from the 82nd page of that book. I think it’s important to see a bit of the writing style in a review, but sometimes the only excerpts that are used can be misleading. I think this will show something original from each book!

DISCLAIMER! If the 82nd page of the given book is too spoiler-y I reserve the right to pick something else! 

Favorite Genres: I love contemporary fiction about places I’ve never been to and don’t know a lot about. I love historical fiction about pretty much anything. I also LOVE nonfiction about pretty much anything. I dabble a bit in YA, usually contemporary, and I am obsessed with Game of Thrones although I don’t usually read or enjoy fantasy. When it comes to writing, I specialize in creative nonfiction.

Future Plans: I plan to attend grad school to get an MFA in creative writing, with the ultimate goal of becoming an editor/publisher.

Contact: If you would like me to review a book and/or are interested in sending me things for any reason, please email me at albaughelaine@gmail.com

I am willing to rep for brands as well!

The font for my signature is called “Lauren” and it is by MediaLab.Co